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Communication in English
Mise à jour: 12.07.2018

Communication in English

The City of Geneva adapts its communication to the diversity of its residents. Through the translation of administrative or promotional documents and thanks to the linguistic richness of its collaborators, it promotes access to its services to people who do not speak French. You will find on this page the list of documents available in English.

In order to prevent language from being a barrier to accessing public services, the City of Geneva develops a communication adapted to non-French speakers and offers them various documents written in several languages.

Documents translated in English can be  downloaded on this page or are available in paper format at the various Info-services Points of the city.

© P. Lopreno / Ville de Genève

Centers providing pre-school childcare

You are domiciled or work in the City of Geneva and looking for a type of care for your child? This flyer on the Pre-school Childcare Information Office (BIPE) gives you an overview over the various childcare possibilities for your child between the end of your parental leave and his/her entry to school. It describes how to subscribe and the requirements for obtaining a childcare place.

Point info du quartier de Plainpalais
© Magali Girardin / Ville de Genève

The Info Points

This flyer provides all practical information on these four places of listening, information and guidance. It details the contact information and opening hours  of the Info-services Points as well as the types of information you can find there.

© R. Gindroz / Ville de Genève

Municipal libraries (BM)

This document presents the municipal libraries network (BM), what you can find there and in which languages collections are proposed. It details the conditions of access to services and borrowing requirements as well as various services of municipal libraries.

© P. Lopreno / Ville de Genève

The chéquier culture

This document describes how the chéquier culture (cultural cheque book) works. It offers vouchers of CHF 10.- to be presented in many cultural sites in Geneva. You will know who is entitled to get one and where to get it.

© R.Albertalli-phovea / Ville de Genève

Sports schools for youth

This flyer presents the list of sports disciplines which are offered free of charge to young people aged between 4 and 18 years old, as part of the Sports schools of the City of Geneva.

© JJ. Kissling / Ville de Genève

Presentation of Neighbourhood Houses

This brochure presents the list and locates the numerous Neighborhood houses (Maisons de quartier) in the City of Geneva, as well as the benefits and services available in these locations.

© D. Baumann / Ville de Genève

Sorting and recycling of waste

This flyer of the waste disposal service (voirie) of the City of Geneva informs you on how, where and when you can dispose of all types of waste.

immeubles vus de loin avec étendue d'eau en premier plan

Tenants of a social dwelling owned by the City of Geneva

You are the tenant of a dwelling managed by the Municipal Real Estate Management (GIM)? This brochure contains useful information on social housing owned by the City of Geneva and on the rights and obligations of tenants.

Documents translated into other languages

Translated administrative or promotional documents are also available in the following languages:


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