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This is a listing of festivals and places of entertainment giving performances that may be enjoyed by those not fluent in French -primarily visual entertainment such as dance, opera, multimedia presentations, and circus.

Stage productions  providing occasional shows in english

Geneva’s Grand Théâ
This vast performing arts centre, the largest in French Switzerland, provides an annual season of world-standard opera and music recitals, together with two to three, choreographic productions by the Grand Theatre Ballet. Most of these performances offer bilingual, French/English surtitling.

Bâtiment des forces motrices -
Le Bâtiment des forces motrices, the Power Station Building, a masterly transformation of disused industrial plant, has become an popular venue for the performing arts and special events.

Association pour la danse contemporaine (ADC) -
The Association exists to promote contemporary dance in Geneva and each season presents about 15 productions by in-house and guest performers.

Théâtre du Galpon -
The Galpon Theatre presents diverse forms of stage-craft—marionette theatre, dance, and sound productions from the four corners of the earth.

Théâtre Forum Meyrin -
In a contemporary glass and grey-brick building, Meyrin’s Forum Theatre presents a varied programme of dance, music, and circus performances, together with exhibitions.

Théâtre de l’Usine -
The Usine Theatre puts on principally locally produced dance and performance art shows.

Getting out in Geneva

Throughout the year, diverse feasts and outings will allow you to get a better idea of the City of Geneva, its background history, its parks and open-air areas as well as its warm-hearted inhabitants. Do not forget to explore Geneva’s historical heritage and join the easy-going get-togethers the City organize!

Tree - December and January
Before and during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the trees of the city centre become a creative medium for artistic expression, combining light, colour and music.

Festival du chocolat - - April
Come along to meet chocolate-makers from all over French Switzerland and neighbouring France and let yourself be tempted by their specialities.

Biking Saturdays - - From April to October
Bicycle trips to find out all that is done to make Geneva safe for this eco-friendly means of getting around.

La Ville est à vous (It's your town too) - - From May to September
When public places in various Geneva neighbourhoods are given over to weekend street-party get-togethers.

Opération chaises longues (Getting out the deckchairs) - - June to august
Every summer in Geneva’s public parks, deckchairs are set out and social activities organized to help people enjoy just being out together in the fresh air.

Pointe de la Jonction (at the junction of the Rhône and the Arve Rivers) - - From June to August
The Pointe de la Jonction is one of the city’s green areas. In the summer, deckchairs are available and various activities provided.

Fêtes de Genè - August
Period of high-spirited, lakeside entertainment culminating in a stunning son et lumière fireworks finale.

Marché de Noël des enfants (Children's christmas market) – - December
Christmas Market organized by and for children in the Parc des Bastions.

Escalade - December
Commemorating the attack on Geneva by the Savoyards during the night of 11/12 December 1602, annual torch-lit procession in period costume through the Old Town.

Archaeological site under Saint-Pierre - All year
Archaeological remains from early Christian and pre-Christian times

Old   - All year
Hidden away in the Old Town's picturesque narrow streets are a multitude of art galleries, antique shops, bookshops and charming cafés. Cobbled streets and alleyways around the Cathedral lead into the square of the Bourg-du-Four, the Promenade de la Treille and the Terrasse Agrippa d'Aubigné.

Parkland and - All year
Let the City and its incomparable setting of lake and mountains unfold before you, by taking a walk round the lakeside from the Botanical Gardens and the Perle du Lac, across the Mont Blanc Bridge, past the Ile Rousseau, the Floral Clock and the Water Spout to the beautiful rose gardens in the Parc de la Grange and the Parc des Eaux-Vives.


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