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Geneva is well endowed with cinemas Most foreign films are screened in their original version with subtitles in French, which makes for a large number showing in English. In addition, if you would like to rent movies in English or explore open-air and other more off-beat cinemas, just go to one of the links below.


Cinémas du Grü
Cinema in the basement of the Grütli Arts Centre showing films of recognized cultural or artistic merit.
Alternative cinema at the Usine, and during the month of August at the Barje on the Promenade des Lavandières for admission-free film performances in the open air.

Ciné-club universitaire -
On Monday evenings, from September to June, the University Cinema Club shows a series of rare and not so rare film classics by outstanding directors.

Cinema festivals

Black - January
With a ten-day program of emerging talents and established filmmakers, innovative and self-confident, Black Movie Festival swims resolutely against the tide of standardized cinema and offers a real visibility to auteur cinema that may be in the minority, yet is ever excellent.

Documentary Films at the Natural History - February
The Museum shows a series of documentaries that can be easily followed by non-French-speakers.

Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains (FIFDH) - - March
The inspiration and impetus behind the FIFDH came from human rights defenders active in NGO's, filmmakers, media representatives and the University of Geneva. The FIFDH coincides with the UN Human Rights Council's main session. This simultaneous event makes the Festival a free platform for discussion and debates on a wide variety of topics concerning human rights.

Ciné - July to August
During the summer in the superb grounds of the Perle du lac, outdoor cinema and picnic.

Animatou (Animation International Film Festival) - - October
Animatou is a festival dedicated to bringing the best of Swiss and international animation to spectators of all ages and promoting an awareness of art films rarely screened in commercial cinemas.

Cinéma Tous Écrans - - November
By programming works made for cinema, television, the web, mobile phones and video games, the festival celebrates international film-makers and artists across the screens.

Films to borrow or for in-house viewing

The municipal libraries, particularly the Cité Library, lend a large number of documentary and entertainment films, many in multi-language DVD versions.

Médiathèque du Fonds municipal d'art contemporain (FMAC) -

Dedicated to video arts, the media centre constitutes a research and reference learning resource. It is equipped with four individual work stations, an adaptable screening area, and a specialised library.


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