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Cultural Trail around the Tranchées Area

In this part of town, the Cultural Trail comes across quite a few remarkable late 19th and early 20th century buildings. This affluent district not only attracted many famous residents but also became a cultural nucleus featuring several important museums within a small radius.

The museums along the walk are described in a user friendly way. You can download the printable version of the Trail at the bottom of the page or listen to the audio guides below, which include a special interview with a representative from each institution that takes you to the heart of the collections.

Geneva Tranchées District

Download the audio file "Geneva Tranchées District" [mp3 470 Ko]

Saint-Antoine promenade

Download the audio file "Saint-Antoine promenade" [mp3 1.40 Mo]

Museum of Art and History

The Museum of Art and History preserves traces of the history of civilisations from prehistoric times to the present day, in the fields of archaeology, Egyptology, numismatics, and the fine and applied arts.

Download the audio file "Museum of Art and History" [mp3 1.4 Mo]

Rue Charles-Galland 2
1206 Genève

Tel. +41 22 418 26 00
Open Tuesday to Sunday 11 :00 – 18 :00
Free admission to the permanent collections. Temporary exhibits from CHF 5 to CHF 20, depending on the exhibit. Free admission to temporary exhibits for persons under 18 and for all visitors on the first Sunday of the month.

Gallery of Graphic Arts of the Museum of Art and History

With around 350'000 items covering more than five centuries of the history of engraving, the Gallery of Graphic Art its one of the largest of ist kind in the French-speaking world.

Download the audio file "Gallery of Graphic Arts of the Museum of Art and History" [mp3 1.0 Mo]

Promenade du Pin 5
1204 Genève

Tel. +41 22 734 27 70
Open Tuesday to Sunday 11 :00 – 18 :00, only during temporary exhibitions

Toepffer Square

Download the audio file "Toepffer square" [mp3 1.3 Mo]

Baur Foundation, Museum of Far Eastern Arts

The collections of the Baur Foundation contain around 9'000 artefacts. Assembled by Alfred Baur (1865-1951), this remarkable ensemble includes Chinese imperial ceramics, jades and snuff bottles as well as Japanese ceramics, lacquer, prints, netsuke and sword fittings.

Download the audio file "Baur Foundation, Museum of Far Eastern Arts" [mp3 1.5 Mo]

8 rue Munier-Romilly
1206 Genève

Tel. +41 22 704 32 82
Open Tuesday to Sunday 14:00 – 18:00

Natural History Museum

This is the largest museum devoted to natural history in Switzerland. Its collections, exhibited on four floors, present the fascinating world of animals and minerals.

Download the audio file "Natural History Museum" [mp3 1.2 Mo]

1, route de Malagnou
1208 Genève

Tel. +41 22 418 63 00
Open Tuesday to Sunday 10 :00 – 17 :00


Matylda Levet

Tél.+41 22 418 65 64

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