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Discovering public art in Geneva

The “Contemporary Art” Cultural Trails are outdoor circuits that take you on a (re) discovery of some seventy artworks in the city of Geneva. Divided into four walks that lead you through districts with their own variety of specific architectural, social or urban features, these trails will help you explore this cultural and artistic heritage.
Sentiers art Contemporain
© Lucas Olivet

At the foot of this page, you can download a PDF version of the Contemporary Art Cultural Trail, which presents the four circuits in all their details, moving from one work of art to another, and at the beginning of each trail, a short historical presentation of the districts you are visiting.

We provide a short description and interpretation for every piece of public art mentioned on the Contemporary Art Cultural Trail as well as critical material to enrich your understanding of the many aspects of public art and urban art projects in Geneva.

The podcasts

On these podcasts you can hear the voices of artists speaking about their works along with two local art conservation experts, Michèle Freiburghaus, in charge of the City of Geneva Fund for Contemporary Art, and David Ripoll, art historian and City of Geneva Scientific Officer for the conservation of architectural heritage.

Old Town – Malagnou Trail

Introduction Old Town-Malagnou Trail

The difference between art in the public space and art in a museum

Georges Schwizgebel, Anamorphose – Artist’s commentary

Plainpalais Trail

Introduction Plainpalais Trail

Changing the way we look at the work of art

Christian Robert-Tissot, DIMANCHE – Artist’s commentary

Bay of Geneva – Botanical Garden Trail

Introduction Bay of Geneva – Botanical Garden Trail

Neon Parallax

Ellen Versluis, La Partition – Artist’s commentary

Chandieu – Seujet Trail

Introduction Chandieu – Seujet Trail

Overlapping perspectives on the Contemporary Art Funds

Carmen Perrin, Noir ductile - Artist’s commentary


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