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Arts and Culture in Geneva in English

The following web pages contain a directory of cultural activities which can be enjoyed in Geneva by English-speakers without any knowledge of French.
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© M. Dégerine

A dynamic, international city like Geneva devotes a large part of its budget to cultural affairs. Supporting creativity in the arts and facilitating public access to culture in all its forms are the principal policy objectives of the Department of Culture and Sport.

The following web pages contain a directory of cultural activities which can be enjoyed by English-speakers without any knowledge of French. Just one click away is everything you need to know about a variety of presentations, from art exhibitions to all theatre and cinema productions showing in English. Additionally, every municipal library has a selection of English language books, and the City’s museums and art galleries all provide English-language commentaries. And do not forget to look in on the City of Geneva and its annual neighbourhood events, such as watching a procession in period costume to celebrate the Escalade.

Wishing you lots of exciting discoveries as you explore the City of Geneva’s cultural scene!

Living in Geneva

Culture and art

The Arts Centre |
The Arts Centre offers, in particular, staged productions, workshops and conferences and welcomes resident professional artists.

L’Abri |
L'Abri is a performance space , exhibition , rehearsal , exchange and artistic experimentation for young talents.

Useful links |
English community online to meet  expats & locals in Geneva, join local activities and share information.

Geneva |
Everything you need for life in the Lake Geneva region

Geneva Tourism |
Geneva Tourism & Conventions will guide you through the city and its region. Find all informations you need: walks, events, and exhibitions.

CAGI- Geneva Welcome Center |
CAGI's web-portal dedicated to welcoming International in Geneva

Local media in english

WRS, Lake Geneva’s Voice |
The english language radio station (the only English-language radio broadcasting in Switzerland and works with BBC World Service).

Le News |
Le News - Weekly Swiss News in English (Free, Le News is published every two weeks, on a Thursday).



Musiques en été 2016

Musiques en été 2016
© Pablo Lavalley

From 3 July to 19 August

Your musical summer will be rhythmic, multi-faceted and astonishing with jazz , classical and world music. Add to this a sparkling chamber opera production in early July, and your summer agenda is complete!
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Exposition Revelations au MAH
© Gambetta

Photographs in Geneva

Until 11 septembre 2016

The Rath Museum's new exhibition focuses on photography. Since its invention in 1839, photography was rapidly put to use in different scientific, artistic and documentary fields, while boasting a remarkable rate of technological advancement. Come to be a popular pastime, photography today constitutes a distinctive heritage, simultaneously subject and object of knowledge, an invaluable platform for remembrance and a constantly renewed artistic material.

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AMAZONIA The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest
© A. Fontanet

The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest
Until 8 January 2017

The MEG has chosen the Amazonian Indians as the theme of its new exhibition. It shows many brightly coloured feather finery and relays the voice of Indian leaders, who are fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples.

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Genève à travers la littérature

Genève à travers la littérature
© David Wagnières

Photography exhibition
July 2016

Beautiful images of the photographer David Wagnières with extracts of novels set in Geneva.
Exhibition outside: rue Hans-Wilsdorf (close to the Vernets pool)
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Cultural trail

sentiers Culturels
© Alban Thomas

1. Nations
2. Tranchées
3. Plainpalais
4. Old Town

Follow one of these heritage trails and discover cultural Geneva from a new angle! Download the application on Izitravel or listen on

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hair rock musical

26, 27 ,28 August 2016
Casino Theatre, Rue de Carouge

The controversial "rock musical" HAIR challenged many of the norms held by Western society in the 1960’s. Among its numerous vivacious songs that celebrate the unadulterated joy and anguish of youth are "Aquarius" and "Let the Sun Shine in".

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Cultural trails


Brochure Genève Expositions juillet-décembre 2016