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Arts and Culture in Geneva in English
Culture In English
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Arts and Culture in Geneva in English

The following web pages contain a directory of cultural activities in Geneva which can be enjoyed by English-speakers without any knowledge of French.

A dynamic, cosmopolitan city like Geneva supports creativity in the arts and facilitates public access to culture in all its forms.
Everything you need to know about art exhibitions, theatre or cinema productions and libraries and books in English is just one click away. All City of Geneva museums and art galleries provide English-language commentaries.

We wish you lots of exciting discoveries as you explore the City of Geneva’s cultural scene!

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ZOOM : The Conservatory and Botanical Garden Library

Geneva’s lovely and learned Botanical Garden is very popular with residents and tourists alike. But its real treasures are not in the hothouses or the flowerbeds; they’re in the Conservatory and Botanical Garden Library!

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What's on in at the MEG in October

Banga is a folk ritual from the desert area of Djerid in the south of Tunisia, dating back to the 13th century and passed on from generation to generation. Tarik, Yahia and Youssef come from the desert town of Touzeur and play in a band called Ifriqiyya Électrique; they are also Banga community members. They invite all interested persons to a workshop where they reveal the secrets of these ancient healing practices of song and dance.

All Audiences | 7 October - 2PM-5PM | Auditorium

Busy times for tiny tots at the Grand Bazar! L’Espace Musical, a specialized music school, sets up shop in the Atelier workshop space on the first floor of the MEG. With specially adapted instruments from around the world, little hands from 0 to 2 years old and their chaperones go exploring the wide world of sound.

Families, Kids/Toddlers | 7 October - 3PM – 3:30PM – 4PM – 4:30PM -5PM (Workshop duration: 20 min.) | L'Atelier

The Alpenhorn is a 4-metre long musical instrument for mountain herders, who use it to soothe their flocks’ frazzled nerves and chase away evil spirits. Its warm and deep sounds are part of the traditions of the Swiss Alps, of which it is one of the most beloved symbols. Pascal Schaer and Ian Gordon Lennox play their Alpenhorns in a largely improvisational style. Along with their percussionist, they perform a mix of jazz, traditional Swiss and contemporary music.

All Audiences | 13 October - 5PM - 6PM | The Garden

The MEG’s blockbuster show on The Religions of Ecstasy in Africa continues until January 2019. The whole museum is pulsating to the beats of many local African spiritual communities, like the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth by His Special Envoy Simon Kimbangu. The Kimbanguist (less of a mouthful) community is present in Geneva and its worship includes a lot of lively brass band music, reminiscent of New Orleans jazz. The local Fanfare kimbanguiste, Faki for short, has got 15 musicians at the ready to take you for a spiritual conga line through the museum!

All Audiences | 14 October - 3PM – 3:45PM | Permanent Exhibition

Breathe In the Roots is an intimate documentary film about a young Afro-American teacher from Brooklyn, Ty Christen Joseph. He travels on horseback from Addis Abeba to Lalibela in Ethiopia to learn more about his African ancestors’ spiritual heritage and his own beliefs. Breathe In the Roots is a powerful and sincere depiction of the role and importance of faiths in the identities of African diaspora communities.

All Audiences | 28 October - 5PM – 6:15PM | Auditorium

Living in Geneva

  • The Arts Centre |
    The Arts Centre offers, in particular, staged productions, workshops and conferences and welcomes resident professional artists.
  • L’Abri |
    L'Abri is a space dedicated to performance, exhibitions, rehearsals, exchanges and artistic experimentation for young talents.

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    Le News - Weekly Swiss News in English (Free, Le News is published every two weeks, on a Thursday).


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